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Early English Church Music
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Enter all or part of a composer’s name and/or all or part of a work title or text incipit. If entering a composer’s full name, place the surname before the given name and omit punctuation (e.g. Byrd William). Use the abbreviations given below to search for liturgical pieces. Searches are not case-sensitive.

Sample searches:

Composer Name (Optional) Title / Incipit




Farrant Richard

farrant john


vox patris




Liturgical abbreviations:

Ag     Agnus Dei

Be     Benedicite

Bs     Benedictus

Ca     Cantate Domino

Cr      Creed, Credo

De     Deus misereatur

G       Gloria

J        Jubilate

K       Kyrie (vernacular text)

Ky     Kyrie (Mass text)

Ma     Magnificat

N       Nunc dimittis

Off     Offertory

Sa     Sanctus

Te     Te Deum

V       Venite