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Early English Church Music
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Key to Modern Publishers, Editions and Transcriptions

AH Analecta Hymnica Medii Aevi. Ed. G. M. Dreves, C. Blume and H. Bannister. 55 vols (1886–1922)
AHC Ascherberg, Hopwood and Crew Ltd (London)
      MS       Mortimer Series
      SPM     Sacred Part Music
AMP Associated Music Publishers Inc. (New York)
      NYPMA New York Pro Musica Antiqua
Andrews/Dart SB Thomas Morley: Collected Motets. Ed. H. K. Andrews and T. Dart (Stainer & Bell Ltd, London, 1959)
AR Antiphonale Sacrosanctae Romanae Ecclesiae pro Diurnis Haris (Rome, 1924)
AS Antiphonale Sarisburiense. Ed. W. H. Frere (The Plainsong and Mediaeval Music Society, London, 1901–26)
Ba Banks and Son (Music) Ltd (York)
      YS       York Series
Baillie Baillie, H. ‘Squares’. Acta Musicologica, vol. XXXII (Basel, 1960)
BF Bailey and Ferguson, Ltd. (London)
      CA       Choral Album
BH Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd (London)
Bl Blandford Press Ltd (London)
Bo Bourne Music Ltd (London)
BP Boethius Press, Clarabricken, Kilkenny, Ireland
Br Broude Brothers (New York)
BS Breviarum ad Usum Sarum. Ed. F. Procter and C. Wordsworth. 3 vols (London, 1879–86)
Bu J. Burns (London)
Byrd The Byrd Edition. Gen. Ed. Philip Brett (London, 1962–); replacing The Collected Works of William Byrd. Ed. E.H. Fellowes, 20 vols (Stainer & Bell Ltd., London, 1937–50).
    1    Cantiones Sacrae (1575)
    2    Cantiones Sacrae I (1589)
    3    Cantiones Sacrae II (1591)
    4    The Masses [1592–1595]
    5    Gradualia I (1605). Part 1
    6    Gradualia I (1605). Part 2
    7    Gradualia II (1607)
    8    Latin Motets I
    9    Latin Motets II
10a    The English Services
   15    Madrigals, Songs and Canons
   16    Consort Music
C Charteris, Richard. Alfonso Ferrabosco the Elder (1543–88): A Thematic Catalogue of his Music with a Biographical Calendar (Pendragon Press, New York, 1984)
Ca L. J. Cary & Co. Ltd (London)
Ch Chappell & Co. Ltd (London)
      COA    Musical Antiquarian Society
                                    Collection of Anthems
Chester Series of separate publications issued by Chester Ltd, London
CMM Corpus Mensurabilis Musicae. Gen. Ed. Armen Carapetyan (American Institute of Musicology, Rome, 1947-).
   16    Robert Carver
   17    Robert Fayrfax
   27    John Ludford
   96    Alfonso Ferrabosco the Elder
CMSR Church Music Society Reprints (see OUP)
Co Concordia Publishing House (St. Louis, Mo.)
Co Cockshoot, J. V. ‘The Sacred Music of Alfonso Ferrabosco, Father (1543-88)’. (Unpublished D.Phil dissertation, Oxford, 1963)
CoUP Columbia University Press (New York)
CS Marbach, C. Carmina Scripturarum (Strasbourg, 1907; reprinted Hildersheim, 1963)
Cu J. Curwen & Sons, Ltd (London)
      ApC     Apollo Club
      CC      Church Choralist
      CH       Choral Handbook
CUP Cambridge University Press (London)
Das Chorwerk Das Chorwerk. Gen. Ed. Friedrich Blume and Kurt Gudewill (Wolfenbuttel, 1929-)
De Deane and Sons (London)
      YBP     Year Book Press
EECM Early English Church Music. Gen. Ed. John Morehen (Stainer & Bell Ltd, London, 1962–).
    1    Early Tudor Masses: I
    2    William Mundy: Latin Antiphons and Psalms
    4    Early Tudor Magnificats: I
    8    Fifteenth-Century Liturgical Music: I
             Antiphons and Music for Holy Week and Easter
   16    ­Early Tudor Masses: II
   17    John Sheppard: I, Responsorial Music
   18    John Sheppard: II, Masses
   20    John Taverner: I, Six-Part Masses
   24    Christopher Tye: II, Masses
   25    John Taverner: II, Votive Antiphons
   28    Robert White: I, Five-Part Latin Psalms
   29    Robert White: II, Six-Part Latin Psalms;
             Votive Antiphons
   30    John Taverner: III, Ritual Music and Secular Songs
   32    Robert White III, Ritual Music and Lamentations
   33    Christopher Tye: III Ritual Music and Motets
F Harold Flammer, Inc. (New York)
      CCRB  Choral Classics from Renaissance to Baroque
Fr Froude (London)
Fra Frank Music Co., Ltd. (London)
      SMR     Sacred Music of the Renaissance
G H. W. Gray Co. Inc. (New York)
GR Graduate de Tempore et de Sanctis juxta Ritum sacrosanctae Romanae Ecclesiae. (Rathbone, 1871)
GS Graduate Sarisburiense. Ed. W. H. Frere (London, 1894)
H Hinrichsen Edition, Ltd (London)
HM & S Hymn-Melodies for the whole year from the Sarum Service-books and other Ancient English Sources. (Plainsong and Mediaeval Music Society, London, 1896)
HS Hymnarium Sarisburiense cum Rubricis et Notis Musicis. (Plainsong and Mediaeval Music Society, London, 1851)
HUP Harvard University Press (Cambridge, Mass.)
      HAM     Historical Anthology of Music
L Lawson Gould Music Publishers, Inc. (New York)
LU Liber Usualis. Ed. Benedictines of Solesmes. (1950).
M Mercury Music Corp. (New York)
MB Musica Britannica. A National collection of music. Various editors (Stainer & Bell, Ltd, London, 1951–)
   10    The Eton Choirbook I
   11    The Eton Choirbook II
   12    The Eton Choirbook Ill
   15    Music ol Scotland 1500–1700
   44    Elizabethan Consort Music I
MM Mapa Mundi Editions, London
MMB Harrison, F. Ll. Music in Medieval Britain (London, 1958)
MP Music Press Inc. (New York)
MSC Motet Society Collection (London)
MT (Musical Times, Blitheman ‘In pace’)
Nov Novello and Co. Ltd (London)
      AAM     Anthems Ancient and Modern
      CaS     Cathedral Series
      CCB    Cathedral Choir Book
      ChS     Church Services
      MT       Musical Times
      NCA     Novello's Collection of Anthems
      NOA     Novello's Octavo Anthems
      NSA     Novello's Short Anthems
      PCB     Parish Choir Book
      SMA     Sacred Motets or Anthems
OEE The Old English Edition. Ed. G. E. P. Arkwright. 25 vols (London, 1889–1902).
   10    Christopher Tye, Mass ‘Euge bone’
Ol J. Ollivier (London)
      AEC     Anthems by Eminent Composers
      PC       Parish Choir
OUP Oxford University Press (Music Department) (London)
      AM       Anthems for Mens’ Voices (2 Vols.)
      CAB     Church Anthem Book
      CMSR  Church Music Society Reprints
      Eu       Euterpe
      MA       Modern Anthems
      OA       Oxford Anthems
      OCS    Oxford Choral Songs
      OEAB   Oxford Easy Anthem Book
      OM      Oxford Motets
      SAB     Sixteenth-Century Anthem Book
      TCM     Tudor Church Music
      TCMO  Tudor Church Music (octavo edition)
OUP Series of separate publications issued by Oxford University Press, London
P C. F. Peters Corp. (New York)
PMMS Collins, H. B. (ed.). Missa: O quam suavis (The Plainsong and Mediaeval Music Society, Burnham, 1927)
RaLU A. Ramsbotham. Manuscript transcriptions in score, now in London University Library.
Ro Rongwen Music Inc. (New York)
RRMR Recent Researches in the Music of the Renaissance. (A-R Editions, Madison, Wisconsin)
    3    Christopher Tye, The Instrumental Music
   13    Christopher Tye, The Latin Church Music, Part I:
             The Masses
   14    Christopher Tye, The Latin Church Music, Part II:                   The Shorter Latin Works
RSCM Royal School of Church Music (Croydon, Surrey)
SB Stainer and Bell Ltd. (London)
      CCL     Church Choir Library
      CS       Church Services
      EECM   Early English Church Music
      EMS     English Madrigal School
      EMSO   English Madrigal School (octavo edition)
      MB       Musica Britannica
SB Series ot separate publications issued by Stainer & Bell Ltd, London
Schi G. Schirmer, Inc. (New York)
Scho Schott and Co. Ltd. (London)
SM The Sarum Missal. Ed. J. Wickham Legg (1916)
TCM Tudor Church Music. Ed. P. C. Buck, E. H. Fellowes, A. Ramsbotham, R. R. Terry and S. T. Warner. 10 vols (Oxford University Press, London, 1923–9)
Appendix with Supplementary Notes. Ed. E. H. Fellowes, (London, 1948).
    1    John Taverner (Part 1)
    3    John Taverner (Part 2)
    5    Robert White
    6    Thomas Tallis
    7    William Byrd (Gradualia)
    9    William Byrd (Masses, Cantiones Sacrae, & Motets)
   10    Hugh Aston, John Marbecke & Osbert Parsley
TM Tudor Motets. Series of separate publications issued by Novello and Co. Ltd., London
US Use of Sarum. Ed. W. H. Frere. 2 vols (1898, 1901)
W M. Witmark and Sons (New York)
Wa Walton Music Corp. (N. Hollywood. Calif.)
Walton Music, Ltd. (London)
Wo B. F. Wood Music Co. Ltd. (London)
WP Williams and Parker (formerly J. Williams Co.) (London)
      OEE     Old English Edition
YB Breviarum and Usum insignis Ecclesiae Eboracensis. Ed. S. W. Lawley. 2 vols (Surtees Society, London 1880–3)
YBP Year Book Press (see De)