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Early English Church Music
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General Abbreviations and Symbols

A alto
AC alto cantoris
AD alto decani
Ag Agnus Dei
Anon. anonymous
arr. arranged for
attr. attributed to
b. born
B bass, bassus
BC bass cantoris
BD bass decani
Be Benedicite
Bs Benedictus
c. circa, about
C cantus
Ca Cantate Domino
cent. century, centuries
CF cantus firmus
Ch choirbook
Cr Creed, Credo
Ct contratenor
CtC contratenor cantoris
CtD contratenor decani
d. died
D discantus
De Deus misereatur
ed. editor
edn edition
Ep endpapers
ex(s) extract(s)
f full
fl. floruit, flourished
fn(s) footnote(s)
fr(s) fragment(s)
(F) foreign
FB figured bass
G Gloria
imp. imperfect
inc. incomplete
J Jubilate
K Kyrie (vernacular text)
K keyboard arrangement (of Latin work)
Ky Kyrie (Mass text)
L lute arrangement
M medius
Ma Magnificat
MC medius cantoris
MD medius decani
metr. metrical
misc. miscellaneous
MS(S) manuscript(s)
N Nunc dimittis
n.d. no date
no(s) number(s)
O organ
Off Offertory
p page
pl. plural
Ps. psalm
Pt. part
Q quintus
q.v. quo vide, which see
repr. reprinted
rev. revised
s solo or ensemble of solo voices with instrumental accompaniment
S superius
S(S). saint(s)
Sa Sanctus
S&H Sternhold and Hopkins
Sc score
Sx sextus
T tenor
Ta table book (all parts of a work being contained on the facing pages of an opening)
TC tenor cantoris
TD tenor decani
Te Te Deum
temp. in the time of
Tr treble, triplex
trn transcription
Tx triplex
u unfoliated or unpaginated
V Venite
v verse; verso (of a folio or page)
V. verse (e.g. in Alleluia settings)
v(v). verse(s) (e.g. in hymns)
* principal source for clefs
+ plus
+4th a 4th higher than principal source
-4th a 4th lower than principal source
C1 clef: C clef on the lowest line of the stave; thus also C2 (C clef on the second line), C3, C4, C5
F3 F clef on the middle line of the stace; thus also F4, F5
G1 G clef on the lowest line of the stave; thus also G2
1545 The King's Primer, 1545
1549 The Psalter of David (Crowley), 1549
16C 16th century