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Early English Church Music
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GB-Lbl MS Harley 7578 S
mid 16C

Composer Dates Title / Incipit Page / Folio / No
CLEMENS (Non Papa) c.1510–1555/6 Erravi sicut oves 104
SHEPPARD John c.1515–1558x59 Why did the Gentiles fret (inc) 89–90
SHEPPARD John c.1515–1558x59 O Lord, how many do increase (inc) 90r–v
SHEPPARD John c.1515–1558x59 Ponder my words, O Lord (inc) 90v–91
SHEPPARD John c.1515–1558x59 Give to the Lord (inc) 91v
ANONYMOUS 065 no date V (I) (inc) 94
ANONYMOUS 212 no date I woeful wretched wight (inc) 95
ANONYMOUS 058 no date Te (II) (inc) 98
MORE William c.1490–1565 Ad Dominum cum tribularer, part 2: Sagittae potentes 104
MUNDY William c. 1529–c.1591 Prepare you, time weareth away 117
CLEMENS (Non Papa) c.1510–1555/6 Jesus Nazarenus