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Early English Church Music
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TALLIS Thomas, c.1505–1585
Text incipit / Title (117)
Christ is risen (Pt II of Christ rising again)
(Candidi) facti sunt
(Dum transisset) sabbatum
(Homo) quidam fecit cenam magnam
(Honor) virtus et potestas
(Jam Christus astra) v.2 Solemnis urgebat dies
(Jesu salvator saeculi, verbum) v.2 Tu fabricator
(Loquebantur) variis linguis
(Quod chorus vatum) v.2 Haec Deum caeli
(Salvator mundi Domine) v.2 Adesto nunc
(Sermone blando) v.2 Illae dum pergunt
(Te lucis ante terminum) v.2 Procul recedant
(Videte) miraculum
A new commandment
Absterge Domine
Alleluia / Ora pro nobis
Arise, O Lord, and hear (adaptation of the motet Salvator mundi no.1)
Arise, O Lord, why sleepest thou (see Byrd, Arise, O Lord, II)
Audivi (vocem de caelo)
Ave Dei patris filia, extracts a Ave Dei, b Ave Domini filia, c Esto nobis, d Ave plena, e O gloriosissima, f Ave Jesu, g Ave virgo foeta, h Amen
Ave rosa sine spinis, extracts a Maria stella, b Ave rosa, c Dominus tecum, d Et benedictus
Blessed are they that keep (see Blessed are those that are undefiled)
Blessed are those that are undefiled (adaptation of Beati immaculati)
Blessed be thy name (adaptation of motet Mihi autem nimis)
Christ rising again
Derelinquat impius
Discomfit them, O Lord (adaptation of motet Absterge Domine)
Domine quis habitabit, part 2: Ad nihillum deductus
Dum transisset sabbatum, see ROOSE
Euge caeli porta
First Preces
Forgive me, Lord, my sin (adaptation of motet Absterge Domine)
Gaude gloriosa Dei mater, extracts a Gaude gloriosa, b Gaude virgo Maria quae corpore, c Gaude Maria virgo cui angelicae, d Qui tollis
Haec dies (?quam fecit Dominus)
Hear the voice and prayer
Hodie nobis caelorum rex, part 2: Gloria in excelsis
Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of hosts (inc)
I call and cry (adaptation of motet O sacrum convivium)
I call with my whole heart (see Ps. 119:145)
I give you a new commandment (see Shepherd)
If ye love me
In jejunio et fletu
In manus tuas Domine
In pace in idipsum
Lamentations, extracts a Incipit lamentatio Jeremiae, b De lamentatione Jeremiae, c Plorans ploravit
Laudate Dominum omnes gentes
Let my complaint come before thee (see Ps. 119:169)
Libera nos salva nos (instrumental? authorship doubtful)
Lord, for thy tender mercy's sake (text only)
Lord, remember David (see Ps. 132)
Magnificat / Nunc dimittis
Mass for Four Voices
Mass, Puer natus est nobis, extracts a Qui tollis, miserere, b Benedictus, c Et expecto, d Et vitam
Mass: Salve intemerata
Mihi autem nimis
Miserere nosti Domine
My soul cleaveth (see Ps.119:25)
Not everyone that saith
O consider mine adversity (see Ps. 119:153)
O do well unto thy service (see Ps. 119:17)
O give thanks unto the Lord (inc)
O God, be merciful (adaptation of motet Absterge Domine)
O Lord God of hosts, King most mighty (inc)
O Lord, give thy holy spirit
O Lord, I bow the knees (see Mundy, W)
O Lord, in thee is all my trust
O nata lux de lumine
O praise the Lord, all ye heathen (I) (inc)
O praise the Lord, all ye heathen (II) (adaptation of the motet O Salutaris hostia)
O sacred and holy banquet (adaptation of motet O sacrum convivium)
O sacrum convivium
O salutaris hostia (versions A & B)
O sing unto the Lord a new song, let the congregation (inc)
O thou God almighty (see Hooper)
Out from the deep
Princes have persecuted me (see Ps. 119:161)
Psalm 110
Psalm 119:145-end
Psalm 119:9-32
Psalms 110 & 132
Purge me, O Lord (perhaps an adaptation of Fond youth is a bubble)
Remember not, O Lord
Rex sanctorum
Sa, G
Salvator mundi salva nos (I)
Salvator mundi salva nos (II)
Salve intemerata, extracts a Per hec nos, b Anne mulieris, c Tu nimirum, d Salve intemerata
Sancte Deus sancte fortis
Second Preces
Service in five parts, two in one, V, Te, Bs, K, Cr, Sa, G, Ma, N
Short Service, the first or Whole Service, Bs
Short Service, the first or Whole Service, Ma, N
Short Service, the first or Whole Service, Sa
Short Service, the first or Whole Service, Te, Bs, K, Cr, Ma, N
Short Service, the first or Whole Service, Te, Bs, K, Cr, Sa, G, Ma, N
Short Service, the first or Whole Service, Te, Bs, K, Cr, Sa, Ma, N