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Early English Church Music
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GB-Lbl Add. MS 22597 T
late 16C

Composer Dates Title / Incipit Page / Folio / No
LASSUS Orlande de 1532–1594 Angelus ad pastores ait 0
LASSUS Orlande de 1532–1594 Ubi est Abel, part 2: Nescio Domine 0
ZANGIUS Nikolaus c.1570–c.1618 Angelus ad pastores ait 0
WHITE Robert c.1535–1574 The Lord bless us 3
ANONYMOUS 353 no date Save me, O God, for thy name's sake (I) (inc) 4
WILDER Philippe van fl. 1525–50 Blessed art thou that fearest God 8
TALLIS Thomas c.1505–1585 I call and cry (adaptation of motet O sacrum convivium) 9
MUNDY William c. 1529–c.1591 O Lord, I bow the knees 10
ANONYMOUS 161 no date Hear, O Lord God, thy people (inc) 13
BYRD William c. 1540–1623 How long shall mine enemies 14
ANONYMOUS 047 no date Our Father (I) (inc) 15
MUNDY William c. 1529–c.1591 O Lord, I bow the knees 18
ANONYMOUS 074 no date All people clap your hands (II) (inc) 19
PARSONS Robert d. 1572 Deliver me from mine enemies 21
TALLIS Thomas c.1505–1585 Blessed are those that are undefiled (adaptation of Beati immaculati) 21
ANONYMOUS 013 no date De (I) (inc) 23
ANONYMOUS 246 no date My soul, give laud (inc) 23
WILDER Philippe van fl. 1525–50 Aspice Domine quia facta, extracts a Aspice Domine, b Plorans ploravit 25
TALLIS Thomas c.1505–1585 O salutaris hostia (versions A & B) 37
TALLIS Thomas c.1505–1585 Discomfit them, O Lord (adaptation of motet Absterge Domine) 38
TYE Christopher c.1500–c.1573 I lift my heart to thee 42
DOUGLAS Patrick no date In convertendo Dominus part 2: Convertere Domine 43
PARSONS William fl. 1537–c.1560 Almighty God, whose kingdom 53
MALLORIE no date O consider mine adversity (inc) 67
SHEPPARD John c.1515–1558x59 Our Father 2015