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Early English Church Music
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GB-SHR LB/15/1/225 [olim:356 Mus. Ms. 1] B

Composer Dates Title / Incipit Page / Folio / No
TALLIS Thomas c.1505–1585 Short Service, the first or Whole Service, V, Te, Bs, K, Cr, Ma, N 0
TYE Christopher c.1500–c.1573 Save me, O God, for thy name's sake 1
SHEPPARD John c.1515–1558x59 Let my complaint (inc) 2
SHEPPARD John c.1515–1558x59 Let thine hand (Pt II of Let my complaint) 2
PARSONS no date O Lord Almighty (inc) 15
PARSONS William fl. 1537–c.1560 Lord, save us (inc) 16
PARSONS no date Lay not up for yourselves (inc) 17
SHEPPARD John c.1515–1558x59 Christ our paschal Lamb (inc) 18