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Early English Church Music
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John Day, Certaine notes set forthe in foure and three partes London, 1560; also entitled Mornyng and Evenyng Praier and Communion, 1565

Composer Dates Title / Incipit Page / Folio / No
ANONYMOUS 216 no date Lay not up for yourselves (II)
ANONYMOUS 217 no date Let all the congregation
CAUSTUN Thomas d. 1569 Ma, N (This is an alternative setting of the Evening Canticles of the Service for men).
CAUSTUN Thomas d. 1569 Most blessed Lord Jesu
CAUSTUN Thomas d. 1569 Rejoice in the Lord always
CAUSTUN Thomas d. 1569 Service for children, V, Te, Bs, K, Cr, Sa, G, Ma, N
CAUSTUN Thomas d. 1569 Service for men, V, Te, Bs, Cr, Sa, G, Ma, N (a Litany & K are attached to this service, together...
CAUSTUN Thomas d. 1569 Show us, O Lord, the light
CAUSTUN Thomas d. 1569 Turn thou us, O good Lord
HASILTON Robert 16th cent Praise we the Lord at all times
HEATH no date Service for men (V, Te, Bs, K, Cr, Sa, Communion)
JOHNSON Robert (I) c.1490–c.1560 Great is thy pity, Lord (Pt II of Relieve us, O Lord)
JOHNSON Robert (I) c.1490–c.1560 I give you a new commandment
JOHNSON Robert (I) c.1490–c.1560 O eternal God, almighty (Pt II: Save thy people, Pt III: We shall give thanks)
JOHNSON Robert (I) c.1490–c.1560 Relieve us, O Lord (Pt II: Great is thy pity, Lord)
JOHNSON Robert (I) c.1490–c.1560 Save thy people (Pt II of O eternal God, almighty)
JOHNSON Robert (I) c.1490–c.1560 We shall give thanks (Pt III of O eternal God, almighty)
KNIGHT no date Ma, N, for men
OKELAND Robert fl. c.1530–c.1550 Praise the Lord, O our souls
OKELAND Robert fl. c.1530–c.1550 Praise we the Father
SHEPPARD John c.1515–1558x59 I give you a new commandment
SHEPPARD John c.1515–1558x59 Submit yourselves one to another
STONE no date Our Father
TALLIS Thomas c.1505–1585 Hear the voice and prayer
TALLIS Thomas c.1505–1585 If ye love me
TALLIS Thomas c.1505–1585 O Lord, in thee is all my trust
TALLIS Thomas c.1505–1585 Remember not, O Lord
TAVERNER John c.1495–1545 In trouble and adversity (adaptation of In nomine from Missa Gloria Tibi Trinitas) (In Day’s prin...
WHITBROKE no date Let your light so shine
WHITBROKE no date Ma, N