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Early English Church Music
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US-NYp MS Drexel 5469 O

Composer Dates Title / Incipit Page / Folio / No
ANONYMOUS 430 no date (No text) (inc) 16
TOMKINS Thomas 1576–1656 Know you not (inc) 21
TALLIS Thomas c.1505–1585 Wipe away my sins (adaptation of motet Absterge Domine) 26
BYRD William c. 1540–1623 Christ is risen (Pt II of Christ rising again) 30
BYRD William c. 1540–1623 Christ rising again (Pt II: Christ is risen) 30
BYRD William c. 1540–1623 O God whom our offences 35
BYRD William c. 1540–1623 Prevent us O Lord 38
BYRD William c. 1540–1623 Arise O Lord why sleepest thou (Pt II: Help us O God) 39
BYRD William c. 1540–1623 Help us O God (Pt II of Arise o Lord) 39
TALLIS Thomas c.1505–1585 I call and cry (adaptation of motet O sacrum convivium) 41
BYRD William c. 1540–1623 O Lord make thy servant 43
BYRD William c. 1540–1623 How long shall mine enemies 45
TALLIS Thomas c.1505–1585 With all our hearts (adaptation of motet Salvator mundi I) 47
LUGG John c.1585–c.1650 Stir up, we beseech thee (inc) 49
ANONYMOUS 389 no date Thou, O God, art praised (I) (inc) 52
HOOPER Edmund c. 1553–1621 Behold it is Christ 56
BYRD William c. 1540–1623 O Lord rebuke me not in thy fury 57
TOMKINS Thomas 1576–1656 Thou art my king 60
TOMKINS Thomas 1576–1656 The Lord, even the most mighty 63
LUGG John c.1585–c.1650 Behold how good and joyful 68
TOMKINS Thomas 1576–1656 O Lord, let me know mine end 71
MORLEY Thomas 1557–1603 Out of the deep (II) 75
BULL John c. 1562–1628 Almighty God who by the leading (Almighty God who didst manifest) 77
GILES Nathaniel c. 1558–1633 God, which (who) as at this time (or, God, which as upon this day; or God, which from time to time) 80
HOOPER Edmund c. 1553–1621 Hearken, ye nations 83
WARD John fl. early 17th century Let God arise 91
WHITE William fl. c.1600 O praise God in his holiness (II) 95
WEELKES Thomas ? – 1623 O Lord, grant the king a long life 97
TOMKINS Thomas 1576–1656 Almighty God, the fountain of all wisdom 99
AMNER John 1579–1641 O come hither and hearken 102
AMNER John 1579–1641 O worship the Lord (inc) 105
GIBBONS Orlando 1583–1625 If ye be risen again 109
MORLEY Thomas 1557–1603 How long wilt thou forget me 112
WEELKES Thomas ? – 1623 Behold, how good and joyful (inc) 120
PARSONS Robert d. 1572 Deliver me from mine enemies 121
BYRD William c. 1540–1623 Save me O God for thy name's sake (I) 123
TOMKINS Thomas 1576–1656 O God, the proud are risen against me 125
MUNDY William c. 1529–c.1591 O Lord, I bow the knees 127
TOMKINS Thomas 1576–1656 Glory be to God on high 129
TOMKINS Thomas 1576–1656 Death is swallowed up (inc) 132
GIBBONS Orlando 1583–1625 Glorious and powerful God 135
MUNDY William c. 1529–c.1591 O Lord the maker of all things 139
WHITE Robert c.1535–1574 The Lord bless us 141
ANONYMOUS 426 no date Wounded with sin 143
LOOSEMORE Henry c.1600–1670 Almighty and everlasting God ... and that we may (inc) 145
LOOSEMORE Henry c.1600–1670 O Saviour of the world (inc) 146
GILES Nathaniel c. 1558–1633 O hear my prayer, Lord 147
WILKINSON William? Thomas? no date I am the resurrection 150
WILKINSON William? Thomas? no date I know that my redeemer (Pt II of I am the resurrection) 150
WILKINSON William? Thomas? no date We brought nothing (Pt III of I am the resurrection) 150
BYRD William c. 1540–1623 Blow the trumpet (Pt II of Sing joyfully) 154
BYRD William c. 1540–1623 Sing joyfully unto God our strength (Pt II: Blow the trumpet) 154
PARSONS Robert d. 1572 Holy Lord God almighty (the introductory 'Holy, holy, holy' is omitted in some sources) 157
BARCROFT George d. 1610 O Lord, we beseech thee (inc) 160
ANONYMOUS 385 no date This is the day which the Lord hath made 161
LOOSEMORE Henry c.1600–1670 O God, my heart is ready 162
LOOSEMORE Henry c.1600–1670 Unto thee lift I up mine eyes 165
MOLLE Henry d.1658 God the protector (inc) 167
JEWETT Randolph c. 1603–1675 I heard a voice from heaven 169
WILKINSON William? Thomas? no date Hear my prayer, O Lord, and with thine ears 172
LOOSEMORE Henry c.1600–1670 Lord I am not high-minded (inc) 175
LOOSEMORE Henry c.1600–1670 Praise the Lord, O my soul, and all 178
TOMKINS Thomas 1576–1656 Sing unto God 183
AMNER John 1579–1641 Glory be to God on high 193
LOOSEMORE Henry c.1600–1670 To Jesus Christ, the faithful witness (II) (inc) 196
LOOSEMORE Henry c.1600–1670 Put me not to rebuke, O Lord 205
LOOSEMORE Henry c.1600–1670 Why art thou so heavy 207
LOOSEMORE Henry c.1600–1670 O Lord increase our faith 208
MOLLE Henry d.1658 Great and marvellous are thy works 209
AMNER John 1579–1641 I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live 213
AMNER John 1579–1641 O Lord, of whom I do depend (inc) 216
LOOSEMORE Henry c.1600–1670 O sing unto the Lord a new song, let the congregation (inc) 217
PORTMAN Richard d. c.1655 Behold how good and joyful 223
AMNER John 1579–1641 Lift up your heads (inc) 227
AMNER John 1579–1641 Remember not, Lord, our offences 229
LOOSEMORE Henry c.1600–1670 Man that is born of woman (inc) 231
AMNER John 1579–1641 Like as the hart (inc) 236
AMNER John 1579–1641 Hear, O Lord and have mercy 239
AMNER John 1579–1641 Christ rising again 242
LOOSEMORE Henry c.1600–1670 Tell the daughter of Zion 244
LOOSEMORE Henry c.1600–1670 Let all the world (inc) 245
ANONYMOUS 116 no date Deliver us, O Christ (inc) 247